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"Companies like Netbriefings are developing tools that give companies the power they need for quick and easy video messaging."

Steve Vonder Haar -- Interactive Media Strategies

"Proclaim makes streaming easy. Bravo to Netbriefings for developing a solid streaming application that is super easy to use."

Mike Pihlman -- Telbit Consulting

"When I first saw Proclaim, I thought Wow this is a really powerful tool for making compelling video presentations with a webcam right at my desktop. This is really different from all the other solutions that are out there!"

Paul Ritter -- Vice President Research, Interactive Media Strategies

"Oh my... how neat
was that!"

Sharla Pickard -- Project Analyst, True Investments

"I'm almost speechless. This product is an answer to our prayers
(I think). Very impressive!..."

Chuck Proulx -- CEO, Quality Tool

"Killer App for sure! Easy to use, ability to both standardize and personalize video."

Randy Geller -- Principal,
Victory Capital

"This tool allows for do-it-yourself video webcasts. It's easy to use, fast to set up and simple to deploy or distribute."

Dale Kurschner -- Employee Communications Manager,
Lawson Software

"Proclaim is a service that adds great value ... by providing managers with an easy-to-use tool for live and on-demand communications..."

Andrew Davis -- Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research

Video Messaging

Quick. Unique. Engaging Video Messaging.

Video Messaging with Proclaim

The days of leaving boring emails and voicemails are over. Video is the most engaging way to get your message across. With Proclaim, you are able to easily send a personal video along with PowerPoint slides and rich media clips to create a truly dynamic presentation. Quick. Unique. Effective.

Watch Proclaim Video All kinds of business professionals are eager to incorporate video for sales, marketing and corporate communications, and Proclaim gives users that power without requiring an advanced degree in video production. Proclaim is an ideal solution for the busy business professional.

  • Unique Sales Tool
  • Enhance Marketing
  • Improve Training
  • Engage Prospects
  • Dynamic Investor Relations
  • And much more...

Tell a Powerful Story with Video, Sound and PowerPoint

Proclaim is a rich media webcast communication tool designed for professional communicators, adding PowerPoint slides and rich media clips to any presentation. Proclaim lets you easily create recorded video messages that are available on demand or hold live meetings with a single click.

Proclaim stores a library of video and audio content and PowerPoint slides to roll in at any time to complement the presentation. You call on just the right rich media pieces from your playlist to add substance and style to each personalized video meeting or message. Live meetings allow for personal interaction with video or text chat, and recorded video messages give the recipient the convenience of viewing anytime - unlike an interruptive phone call or another plain, text-only e-mail.

Online Video is an Effective Sales and Marketing Tool

Research has shown that shorter more engaging video messages are very effective for corporate communications. When someone sees your face and hears you talking, it makes a world of difference over an e-mail or a phone call. Add to that video clips of customer testimonials, product shots and the like, and you have a pretty compelling package. With video, you make a meaningful connection and you stand out from the crowd. For people who work in sales, video messages offer an easy and cost-effective way to stand out and give a boost to the sales cycle.

Proclaim is like YouTube on Steroids!

Corporations have realized since the advent of products like WebEx, that online meetings can save significant time and money. However, these products were designed for use with the phone and make limited use of video. With the arrival of YouTube, companies are now realizing that the Internet is very capable of delivering video. YouTube is great for easily uploading audio and video onto the Internet and making it widely available. But YouTube was designed for social networking and not for delivering corporate messages. Some of the features missing for corporations in this style of product include corporate branding, complementary content like PowerPoints, live interaction, registration, statistics and security.

Proclaim brings a fresh, new approach to making online video a meaningful part of day-to-day business communications. Proclaim's simplicity in combining personal video messaging with other prepared slide content, pre-edited video, registration and statistical tracking represents an innovative technology service that enables a whole new style for sharing information within the enterprise.

Proclaim combines the simplicity of the social networking tools with the functionality of the typical web conferencing tools.

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