Past News Releases

Need to add a personal touch to your email? Then you need Proclaim!
03/17/09 - Refocusing Technology
Simple to use, easy to learn… this powerful video messaging service is a must-have.

Netbriefings provides webcasting and video technology for the US – China Virtual Symposium
Netbriefings solutions bridge East and West with Virtual Symposium on globalization, learning, and technology

Webcasting 101
Summer 08 - Meetings: Minnesota's Hospitality Journal
Online broadcasting in the meetings and events industry

Netbriefings to webcast the Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit
Wainhouse event will also be available on-demand from Netbriefings

Beyond YouTube: Getting Started With Video for Marketing and Sales
7/15/08 - MarketingProfs
Article written by Gary Anderson of Netbriefings. No matter what you do with online video, don't forget that the video is part of your marketing mix, not some standalone project.

Putting Multimedia Presentations into Press Releases
6/12/08 - Inside Digital Media
Phil Leigh discusses how to embed multimedia presentations in your press releases and demonstrates two easy-to-use tools enabling multimedia presentations to be embedded into your press releases, websites, or email and track who is viewing them.

Easy Tool for Creating and Sending Business Videos
5/27/08 - Inside Digital Media
Today's guest-company enables us to just as easily produce and send personalized videos about our company to clients and prospects.

Netbriefings Proclaim Works with WordPress
5/21/08 - YeOldeTechy blog
Proclaim now allows a blogger using WordPress technology to very easily record a Proclaim video/audio and presentation stream, save it, and post it on a blog.

Netbriefings enhances Proclaim with corporate video blogging capability
Netbriefings integrates its Proclaim rich media webcast communication tool with WordPress to enable users with corporate video blogging capability

Netbriefings announces new "Multimedia for Business" blog
Blog will address methods available for delivering corporate communications using multimedia

Netbriefings Gets Wider
04/01/08 - Minnesota Business
Netbriefings has acquired its long time production partner, Beacon Hill Productions.

Video Messaging Tool Proclaim Sports New Features
03/30/08 - GeniusDV
Netbriefings released a new version of Proclaim, its rich media webcast communication tool, with enhanced record messaging and live meeting capabilities.

Proclaim by Netbriefings News
3/27/08 - YeOldeTechy blog
In a previous blog entry I took a look at Proclaim which I consider one of the best streaming applications around.

Video messaging tool Proclaim now with enhanced record messaging and live meeting capabilities
Proclaim combines the simplicity of the social networking tools with the functionality of the typical web conferencing tools

The 102 Best Free Phone Services on the Web
03/27/08 - VoIP News, Jim Higdon
A complete guide to the most useful - and free - online phone services...including free webcasting

Product Review - Netbriefings Proclaim
3/25/08 - The Webinar blog
An independent review of Proclaim, Netbriefings' rich media webcasting tool

Webcasting: Proclaim It Live!
03/01/08 - Selling Power
Netbriefings may be best known for providing Webcasting technology for live broadcasts...

Netbriefings acquires large event production specialists Beacon Hill Productions
One-stop-shop for large event production that includes event staging, video shooting, Web streaming, audience management and more

Podcasting, the Ins and Outs of Digital Video
11/12/07 - The DV Show
Interview of Gary Anderson discussing Proclaim, the rich media webcast tool

Video messaging tool Proclaim offers audience tracking and reporting for live or recorded webcasts
Proclaim lets users create streaming video presentations with a few clicks

Proclaim by Netbriefings
11/2/07 - YeOldeTechy blog
An independent review of Proclaim, Netbriefings' rich media webcasting tool

Netbriefings' Proclaim honored in Streaming Media magazine's Readers' Choice Awards competition
Rich-media video presentation tool recognized as a top webcasting platform

University streams event video into "virtual Guantanamo Bay detention center" in Second Life with help from Netbriefings
Live video from Seton Hall's Constitution Day conference will be streamed over the Web and into an interactive space in Second Life virtual world

Netbriefings' Proclaim video messaging tool is finalist for Streaming Media Magazine Readers' Choice Award
Proclaim honored as an outstanding Webcasting Platform

Podcast about Proclaim and Wowza Media Server Pro
08/29/07 - GeniusDV
Two products nominated for a Streaming Media Magazine's 2007 Readers' Choice Awards

Digital Video Training Center Teaches Video Streaming and Compression with Proclaim Webcasting Tool
Proclaim streams video with PowerPoint slides for powerful rich-media messages

Netbriefings 'Proclaims' Video Tools for Business
08/16/07 -, Marshall Lager
Webcast provider responds to the explosion in video communications with something sales and marketing teams can use.

Personalized Video Messages with Proclaim Help Sales Pros Stand Out
New tool gives salespeople the upper hand by making a lasting impact

Deliver Simple Webcasts with Flash Video and PowerPoint
08/08/07 - GeniusDV, Derrick Freeman
For individuals or organizations that are interested in delivering simple Live or Archived webcasts in Flash video format along with PowerPoint slides

Podcasting, the Ins and Outs of Digital Video
06/25/07 - The DV Show
Interview of Gary Anderson discussing Proclaim, the rich media webcast tool

Netbriefings to webcast the Wainhouse Research Collaboration Summit
Wainhouse event will also be available on-demand from Netbriefings

Wainhouse Research - News and Views on Real-Time Unified Communications
05/23/07 - Wainhouse Research Bulletin, Vol 8 Issue #18
WR Summit to be Webcast ... Live and in person

Video production pros at Backstar Creative Media partner with Netbriefings for webcasting technology
Production partners see new Proclaim webcasting tool as a competitive advantage

Netbriefings launches Proclaim, new multimedia webcast creation tool
Proclaim complements presenter's video with rolled-in video clips, audio bites, images and PowerPoint slides

Streaming Media East Brings Major Announcements
05/15/07 - Streaming Media East, Troy Dreier
Streaming video and audio industry comes together to exchange ideas

Reaching any audience with a webcast
05/14/07 - PRWeek (registration required)
Whether video or audio, there are various ways to ensure a webcast will be a success.

Netbriefings CEO to discuss streaming media, webcasting and podcasting during Wainhouse Research online virtual tradeshow
Presentation will explore considerations for planning to webcast large corporate events

Business opportunities abound as video use explodes on Web
03/16/07 - Business Journal
Gary Anderson's firm Netbriefings is profiting from companies' increased reliance on the Internet by providing Webcasting services for company meetings and online training.

Utah Heart Clinic at LDS Hospital and Intermountain Healthcare choose Netbriefings to webcast first-of-its-kind live case study
Netbriefings provides webcasting technology for the first-ever live Internet broadcast of a laser ablation for atrial fibrillation.

Netbriefings provides webcasting technology for National Parkinson Foundation's Community Partners for Parkinson Care annual meeting
Upcoming webcast builds on Netbriefings' previous work with the National Parkinson Foundation

Netbriefings adds to its sales team to focus on building partnerships
Tom Boutin brings 20-plus years of sales and management experience to the webcast technology provider

Netbriefings webcast specialists team with Planet Digital to teach free workshops on webcasting best practices
On-site and online tutorials will improve webcasting effectiveness

IMS CEO webcast interview
Steve Vonder Haar, research director at Interactive Media Strategies interviews Gary Anderson on Netbriefings' strategies.

'YouTube' for the office
11/26/06 - Pioneer Press
St. Paul startup brings the technology popularized by the video Web site to businesses seeking to harness the communications potential of the Internet.

Netbriefings uses professional video webcasts for large corporate meetings
Streaming webcast discusses how companies are producing video webcasts to communicate to their internal and external stakeholders

Netbriefings provides webcast technology for 250-school conference
All-day law conference at Seton Hall Law School attended by students and professors across the country

Netbriefings discusses using online multimedia to transform business communications
Streaming webcast explores how leading organizations are moving beyond traditional web conferencing to embrace audio and video as tools that enrich the way key messages are conveyed to internal and external audiences

Flush to Frugal
02/01/06 - Upsize Magazine
Money once 'flowed like water' in the tech sector. When it stopped, self-described serial entrepreneur Gary Anderson had to tighten up Netbriefings Inc. so the company would survive. In the process he learned a whole new way of doing business, and morphed his tech consulting company into the promising niche of webcasting.

Netbriefings announces Effective Enterprise Webcasting
Webcast discusses the important considerations when planning to webcast their large corporate meetings.

Netbriefings presents Effective Training via Webcasting
Webcast explores how training companies can utilize webcasting for successful content delivery

Getting Started Right ... The Nuts and Bolts of Webcasting
Streaming webcast to learn the technical issues surrounding webcasting and how it can act as a revenue stream for companies

How production Companies Make $$ with Webcasting
Netbriefings' July webcast explains how production companies can have webcasting act as a revenue stream for them

Training Demos for eConference Pro and eConference Enterprise
Netbriefings Announces its Upcoming Training Demos for September, October and November 2004

Lead Nurturing for the Complex Sale
Netbriefings' August Webcast Explores how to Nuture Leads During the Complex Sale Cycle

Netbriefings helps Companies Conduct their own Webcasts and Webinars
CEO of Netbriefings Interviewed On Inside Digital Media

Netbriefings Announces a Complete Suite of Webinar Tools
One-stop-shopping for all your webinar needs . from full streaming multi-media to teleconference with slides

Energize your Audience and your Presentation: The Secret Sauce to Making Any Presentation Fabulous
Netbriefings' June Webcast Explores how to Connect with the Audience and Keep them Engaged

Is your Business Consultant some Yahoo named Google?
Netbriefings' May Webcast Delivers Proven Strategies to Gain Valuable Marketing Information from the Invisible Web

Executive Level Selling: Connecting at the Level of Power and Decision
Netbriefings' April Webcast Showcases how to Gain Access and Sell to Executive Decision Makers to Fortune 500 companies

Streaming Media: The Benefits over Web Conferencing
Netbriefings' February Webcast Discusses Using Webcasting to Stretch Your Budget

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale
Netbriefings' November Webcast Shares Proven Lead Generation Strategies

New Collaborative Meeting Service Costs as Little as 25% of WebEx, Offers More

Archive WebEx Meetings in Standard Players Webcast Service Solves Large On-line Meeting Problems

War in Iraq: The U.S. Relationship with Europe Transatlantic Webcast by Netbriefings

Gantz Wiley Research Launches Their WorkTrendsT Worker Perspectives on 2002

Gantz Wiley Research Launches Their WorkTrendsT Worker Perspectives on 2001

JVC Professional and Netbriefings Form Webcasting Alliance
New Digital Video Camera & Netbriefings Web-based Software Offer Four Easy Steps to Stream and Shoot

Netbriefings Delivers Webcasts From Middle East
US Trade Representative Informs Delegates Across the Globe

Market Access International Recruits Netbriefings to Increase Seminar Participation Through Pay-Per-View
Travel difficulties threatened seminar attendence -netbriefings webcasting solutions puts it back on track

Luverne's New Webcasting Services Company Opens its Doors November 8th

America's Future - From Senator John McCain - Upcoming Live Webcast By Netbriefings & Express Interactive Solutions
Technology Provides Free Access To All Who Are Unable To Attend

HP CEO Carly Fiorina Inspires Viewers During Major Web Event by Netbriefings and Express Interactive Solutions
Event demonstrates power of strategic partnership and unique strengths of Netbriefings technology and software

Netbriefings Product Allows Companies to Produce High-quality "Webcasts" from Their Own Facilities!

Netbriefings Lands New Customer With Lawson Software
Lawson Uses Webcasting for Media Relations

Netbriefings Teams with Profits Journal to Deliver a new Show 'STARTING LINE' Broadcast via the Internet

Netbriefings Teams with Digital Island to Provide Services for Large Interactive Events

Online seminars offer convenience and interactivity

SPS Commerce Founder Takes Post at Internet Start-up Netbriefings

Netbriefings to Provide Live Internet Conferencing for Larkin Hoffman Internet Law Seminar on June 15

Netbriefings Webcasts St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman's State of the City Address

Netbriefings Closes First Round Financing

Netbriefings Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Netbriefings signs Webcast Agreement with Minnesota High Tech Association

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